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Strategie and Techniques Rule

Learning Strategies From Speedlearning

Conduct your own mind-experiments with these strategies and techniques.

They will permit you to become a learning-genius. Choose and use; or Snooze

and lose.

Your Life consists of Desires – Beliefs and Expectation.

Changing your Mood

1. Intentional read aloud or silently – 2x faster than your snailing speed.

Two-minutes changes your mood and expectations, and increases your creativity and learning skills for up to two-hours. Researched at Princeton

and Harvard universities.

Speed Meditation

2. Warm-up before studying, testing, doing an interview and making a presentation.
Two-minutes will release stress and place you in the Zone,

in the Flow, and ready for your Peak Performance. It last up to two-hours.


a) Close your eyes, take one diaphragmatic inhalation, and slowly exhale with each number you mentally visualize.

b) Mentally visualize the number three, three-times: 3 – 3 – 3.

Next, mentally visualize the number two, three-times: 2 – 2 – 2

Finally, mentally visualize the number one, three-times: 1- 1 – 1

c) Now see a set of Velcro numbers (1-10) to place on a felt screen.

The numbers will be placed on the movie-screen of your mind

one-at-a-time (one breath between).

On the top line we see the numbers 1 – 2- 3- 4 – 5

and on the second line see – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10


3. To program Speedlearning as a new learning skill:

a) Close your eyes, take your three diaphragmatic breaths to relax.

b) Mentally (silently) say and hear the words – I’m a Speedlearner – with

each breath. Hear – I-am-a – on inhaling, and Speedlearner, on exhaling.

Repeat as a feedback-loop for the two-minutes of this strategy.

c) Mentally see and visualize on the movie-screen of your mind

your dominant hand using its index finger as a Pacer on a page.

Make diagonal signs moving Right-to-Left from the top-to-the-bottom. A diagonal, also known as a virgule, is this sign /.

Move the diagonal from the end of the sentence to the beginning

of the following sentence.

Which is your Dominant Sense?

4. There are three senses we use to learn: Visual, Kinesthetic (touch) and

Auditory (hearing).

a) To activate your optimal Visual sense for learning requires contacting your Eye-Brain Link.

b) First, read, study or listen to the new information.

c) Second, summarize the key ideas in-your-own-words in writing.

d) Close your eyes and on your mental movie-screen see the summary/

abstract of what you read, learned or listened to – as if you were

telling a short but accurate version to your friend or associate.

e) Big Secret #1: For Visual learners (I-see-that), you must connect with your Eye-Brain Link for long-term-memory.

Definition: you must see your mental movie or pictures using your Third-Eye.

The Third-Eye (Pineal Gland) is accessed by looking upward toward

your eyebrows. You must see what you want to learn above your

ordinary line of sight..

Later, at the time of the Exam, or making a presentation, close your

eyes and relax, and mentally mention the name of the material you

studied, read or listened to – The Battle of Trenton, Hamlet or

the names of the 2006 Nobel winners for medicine or physiology

(Andrew Fire and Craig Mello).

f) Big Secret #2: For Kinesthetic learners (That-feels-right to me), you must access your Touch-Brain Link. It is easy and requires about two-minutes and last up to two-hours.

Twiddle-your-thumbs. Rotate the four-fingers of each hand

simultaneously across both your thumbs while learning the new

information, and again when you need it to replay for an exam or

presentation. It will reveal your summary of the key points you


g) Big Secret #3: For Auditory learners (That-sounds- right to me), you

must retrieve your learning through your Hearing-Brain Link.

Place your left-thumb and index finger on your left-earlobe, and gently

squeeze when you are learning the new information, and again when

you need to replay it for an exam or presentation.

The learning strategy requires about two-minutes, and produces two-hours of useful programming.


5. To program your left-and-right brains (hemispheres) for success,

accomplishment and power.

a) the law of As-If by Professor Henry James, of Harvard, requires

you to Think, Feel, Imagine and Act As-If you already have obtained

the burning-desires of your goals.

b) Go into your Alpha brainwave rhythm by deep breathing and

counting down to your deepest dimension using 1-10.

c) Mentally see, imagine and visualize a symbol of your successful goal.

For students mentally-visualize on the movie-screen of your minds eye, a returned exam paper with a larger A or 100 at the top of the page. How about being handed your Diploma?

d) Emotionally feel the power of that success on your mind and body.

Activate a Duchenne-Smile (eyes and mouth) on your face.

e) For executives: mentally see, imagine and visualize a symbol of your goal. See a mental-scene of you receiving a check for $25,000 from the

CEO of your company, or a ceremony in your honor with people

applauding your new promotion. Link positive feelings with these

images of personal success.

f) In the background hear the words – Usefulness Produces Prosperity –

as your personal Target Affirmation. Mentally repeat the word –

– Useful – with each breath you take for about two-minutes. It is your

Mantra and helps improve your long-term memory skills.

Mudras and Chakras for Learning

6. Bear-Claw, Cross-Arm Raising, Hand Pumping, and Peaking for accelerated

healing, enhanced health and enhanced through Pure Spirit. Naming our

left and right brain and choosing a password

copyright© 2006

H. Bernard Wechsler




Source by H. Bernard Wechsler

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