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About Us

Do you have a project or task that needs to be done? Do you have $6? If you do, search through a list of providers eager to help you out. 6 Dollar Deals was founded on the belief that to win a marathon, every step counts. When you want to accomplish anything big in life, you must set goals and start small to get big results. 6 Dollar Deals is your platform to accomplishment all types of your projects. Our mission is to bring together smart buyers with smart sellers in the context of affordability. 6 Dollar Deals was established because we saw a real shift in terms of how we work, buy and get things completed.

Our online marketplaces aren’t just for physical goods. You can buy soft goods like graphic design or technical expertise the way you’d order take out food off a menu. Amazing, right? The most important thing about our website is that we charge a fraction of what those other micro job websites charge! At 6 Dollar Deals, we empower our buyers and sellers to build their dreams, one micro-job at a time.